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States Opting Out Of Medicaid Expansion

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How to Make Nation, Health Care System Healthier?

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Why New York Health Insurance is so High

Estate Planners Await 'Big Bang' in 2010 From Tax and Retirement Law Changes- People who are nearing or planning for retirement will be hearing from their advisors this fall about changes in federal law.

Florida Issues Cease-and-Desist Orders Against Health Companies- The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation issued cease-and-desist orders to three companies.

National Survey Shows Consumers Prefer Agents When Shopping for and Purchasing Individual Medical Insurance- Those who bought through an agent were significantly more satisfied with their health plans than those who purchased insurance online.

House Health Plan Requires Insurance Coverage- For individuals, the penalty would be 2.5 percent of income, but it could go no higher than the average cost of health insurance.

Ex-Senate Leaders to Unveil Health Care Compromise- Trying to prevent a repeat of the 1990s standoff over health care, three former Senate leaders are unveiling a plan Wednesday that combines ideas from both political parties.

Clients Get Practical About Retirement- Americans say that despite daunting circumstances, they have developed a more practical attitude toward money and retirement since last year.

Nightmares Are Coming True In Calif. Health Coverage- Citizens are expressing concern about the state ripping off federal cost-of-living boosts for the impoverished aged, blind and disabled.

First-Quarter U.S. Sales of Fixed Annuities Jump 78%- Carriers have been able to provide higher credited rates than other similar, fixed-rated instruments, such as bank certificates of deposit and Treasury bonds.

Savings Rate Climbs To 14-year High On Tax Cuts- The stimulus was supposed to increase spending to give the economy additional support, but the 1.1% rise in disposable incomes in April mostly went into savings

The Question Isn't Whether Social Security Will Be Around But How We'll Pay For It- 401(k) plans have been ravaged by a prolonged stock-market free fall, and some employers have ceased matching contributions for them.

Geithner says AIG Bailout 'Complicated'- Geithner told a Senate panel Wednesday that the economy is showing convincing signs of a comeback but government intervention still is needed to help struggling financial institutions.

Administration Seeks Taxes on Life Insurance, Estates to Fund Health Care- An Obama administration budget blueprint proposes setting new tax and disclosure requirements on life insurance transactions and by modifying estate-tax rules.

Americans Making Tough Choices to Reduce Their Healthcare Costs- As job losses continue across America, concerns about meeting mortgage and credit card payments are only two of the financial issues...

House Democrats Weigh Major Health Care Changes- House Democrats are looking at big health care changes, including federal aid to help families earning up to $88,000 pay for insurance.

Jackson's First Quarter Annuity Sales Rise 8% to $2.6 Billion- "Despite challenging macroeconomic conditions, Jackson has maintained strong inflows of new premium and good persistency on its back book..."

First 100 Days of Obama Administration Pave Road for More Regulation- While Substantial regulatory changes have already been made, lawmakers are in the process of debating additional legislation.

Unknowns linger Over Swine Flu; Health Officials Warn Against Complacency Due to Fears the Disease Could Spread and Become More Severe- The World Health Organization said it needs more time to decide whether to raise the pandemic alert level.

Minnesota Advances 'One-Way' Lawsuit Bill- Minnesota House of Representatives approved legislation that would require insurance companies that lose in court to pay plaintiffs' attorney fees and costs, plus 12% interest, in addition to monetary damages.

Health Plans Bristle as CMS Cuts Payments- Health Plans participating in the program in 2010 will be asked to accept lower payments than the prior year..

Industry Witnesses Urge Caution on Public Health Insurance Option- Portions of the Obama administration's health reform calling for a universal public option must be carefully designed so as not to make it impossible for the private insurance market to function.

New Study Measures Effects of Medicare Part D on Prescription Drug Use, Cost Sharing for Senior Beneficiaries- Researchers announce today a new study highlighting the effects of Medicare Part D coverage on the use of selected essential drugs and out-of-pocket spending among seniors without prior drug coverage.

Consolidation, Litigation Likely Fallout From Massive Cuts to - Payment cuts to private health plans are a virtual certainty under incoming U.S. President Barack Obama and the Democratic-led Congress.

AHIP Chief Wary of Obama's Health Proposals- Government-based health programs currently shift significant costs to the private sector, making coverage in the private market expensive for every buyer of health insurance.

Recession May Exacerbate Medicaid Problems- Doctors have noticed a slowdown in the stream of patients coming into their offices.

Medicare Change Brings Worries- Many clients are caught in the middle of an economic struggle involving Medicare and durable medical equipment providers.

Benefit Costs top CFO Worries- Nearly 55% of CFOs say they are most concerned about the pricing pressures presented by employee benefits.

U.S. Health Industry to Fight Public Insurance Option in Reform Proposals- Perhaps no idea is more disliked by the U.S. health insurance industry than a proposal by Democratic President-elect Barack Obama to have a public health insurance plan competing directly with them as part of his broad pledge to reform the country's ailing health care system.

Michigan AG Issues Warning To Blues- Michigan's Attorney General's office has warned BCBSM to immediately stop what it believes are deceptive business practices

Medicare Plans Draw Criticism on Drug Pricing- Complaints are mounting about a drug pricing system that forces many older Americans to pay stiff penalties when they opt for brand name drugs instead of a generic..

38 more AIG Execs Get Retention Awards- AIG offers cash awards to executives with payments of as much as 4 million.

Average Americans Without Health Insurance Are Young and Healthy With Above Average Incomes- Almost 18 million uninsured Americans make above average income and many are aged 19-29.

New Way To Pay For Health Care: Bill-sharing Plans Offer Alternative To Insurance- Medi-Share is one of three large Christian-based bill-sharing organizations in the country that let people pay into a pool, and get their medical bills paid in return.

ASPPA Applauds Congress for Passing Pension Relief Measures- ASPPA welcomed passage by Congress of pension relief measures that will enable pension plan sponsors to adjust to the current market downturn.

State Farm Seeks 67% Rise In Homeowner Rates- State Farm Insurance is asking regulators for permission to raise homeowner rates an average of 67 percent statewide, up from its original request of 47 percent.

U.S. Sales of Fixed Annuities Jump 54% in Third Quarter- Total sales of fixed annuities in the United States rose to an estimated $27.1 billion in the third quarter of 2008.

Nine Out of 10 Americans Are Vulnerable to Home Break-Ins- Nine out of 10 Americans are unaware that front doors are the No. 1 entry points for burglars, leaving homes vulnerable to break-ins.

Medicare's Too Costly Private Plans- Medicare has increased the cost and complexity of the program without improving care.

AIG Freezes Executives' Salaries and Bonuses- AIG has frozen top executives' salaries through 2009

Rising Health Insurance, Struggling Small Businesses and Consultative Selling- 59 percent of U.S. employers will increase workers deductibles, co-pays and percentages of a medical bill that workers pay next year in order to reduce the cost of health care.

Consumer Engagement in Health Care Survey- 9.8 Million Adults in Consumer-Directed, High-Deductible Plans; Participants Likely to Have Higher Incomes, Be in Better Health.

Rising Deer Collisions Have Auto Insurers in Headlights- During the month of November, auto insurance claims involving an animal are three times more common.

Initial Insured Losses From Calif. Wildfires Range From $600 Million to $1 Billion- While the dollar amounts do not equal losses experienced from fires about a year ago, some insurers could take a substantial hit.

Social Security Speeds Disability Claims Review- People with cancers and other severe medical conditions will get quicker action on disability claims under a new Social Security program.

Ruling Ahead For State Farm Rates- State Farm Florida rate increase

Auto Insurance Premiums Rising Slowly- Auto insurance premiums have started rising as insurers act to protect profit margins.

Insurers Could Be Next to Get Bailout Help- The Treasury Department wants insurance companies to participate in the troubled asset relief program, or TARP. RateWatch: Auto Insurance Rates Jump for 3rd Consecutive Quarter- Auto/Car Insurance rates rise again.

New Liberty Mutual/SADD Study Reveals Assertive Teen Passengers Can Curb Dangerous Teen Driving Behaviors Such as Street Racing- Assertive Teen pasengers can stop their friends from driving dangerously.

Investment Woes Widen for Insurers; More Companies Reveal Big Credit Market Losses- Several companies warn of expected large investment losses for the third quarter


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