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Oregon's motto is "She Flies with her Own Wings". We offer, Medigap insurance OR, Oregon Medicare Supplements, Medicare Prescription Plans OR, Medicare Part D OR, Medicare Supplemental Insurance in Oregon, Medicare Advantage Plans, Oregon Medicare Supplemental Insurance, Oregon Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans.


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2011 Medicare Premium Changes

Medicare Part D (prescription coverage) facts and where you qualify.  We assist you in finding the most suitable plan.
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There are many Seniors who continue paying for a health insurance plan because they are unaware of the low cost Oregon Medicare Supplement options available to them. They often have limited incomes and/or living needs that exceed their income because they have not received the assistance they need in choosing the right Medicare Supplement Insurance or Oregon Medicare Prescription plan. We assist Seniors in finding the low cost options for Medigap Insurance, Medicare Supplement Companies and provide them with Medicare Supplement Quotes for several companies.  If you are looking for Medicare Supplement insurance or long term care insurance quotes, please fill out the quote request form and a local agent will contact you .

When is the best time to buy a Oregon Medicare Supplement or Medigap Policy?
The best time to buy a Oregon Medicare supplement or Medigap policy is during your aging enrollment period (ICEP - initial coverage enrollment period). This period lasts for six months.  It begins three months prior to your birth month, includes your birth month and lasts three months after your birth month. You must be enrolled in parts A and B. During this period, an insurance company cannot
-refuse to sell you any Medigap policy it sells,
-make you wait for coverage to start, or
-charge you more for a Medigap policy because of your health problems.


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