LOST – Field of Dreams


The U.S. is losing an entire generation of Dreamers.

50% of College Graduates in the U.S. cannot find a job in their field when they graduate from College.


High School graduates are having great difficulty finding a job that pays more than minimum wage. Over 50% of 18 to 28 year olds are without a job. 17% have neither a job nor are they receiving any education for their future.


The American Dream they heard about and the driving force that has brought so many immigrants to the U.S. has disappeared.


Under socialist rule, businesses don’t hire because of crushing tax burdens and regulations. Many who want to start a business when they lost a job, because their employer company closed, find it impossible to battle the government for scarce resources and money.


More and more senior citizens who dreamed about retirement are still working. Every day more seniors are finding they must work well into their seventies just to make ends meet.


Dreams of home ownership, a good paying job, a new car, a family, a vacation, and retirement have vanished.


“Any government that can give you everything, has the power to take everything you have”. Thomas Jefferson


In our case in the U.S., Socialist advocates have destroyed the dreams of the future, the dream of making a discovery that can help humankind, the dream of having enough to help others, the dream of a better life for our children, the dream of making the world a more peaceful place.


Our constitution and our Freedom of Religion, the Right to bear arms, having a government for the people and by the people is rapidly being dismantled. No longer is the rule of law, the rule of the land.


The masses of the World have always looked to the U. S. as its field of dreams. A place where a nobody, can become a somebody, where a poor man can become a rich man, where everything is possible with hard work and determination.


The U.S. was the “Field of Dreams” for most of the world, but it has disappeared under the heavy hand of progressiveness. These same socialist bent leaders who proclaim over and over they are for the downtrodden have created a system that has trapped the poor in a sub standard culture.


The poor and disenfranchised as the socialist call them, can no longer hope to rise. Yet, the trapped poor still vote for the rhetoric rather than the reality. The poor always suffer more under socialist markist governments. This is the "hope and change". Socialism has always failed and it is failing again. Just look around.


The “Field of Dreams” for the world is lost and likely, will never be found again.