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Providing Michigan Health Insurance, Michigan Medical, Affordable Health Insurance in Michigan, Low Cost Health Insurance MI, Cheap Health Insurance Michigan, Health Insurance Quotes Michigan, and Michigan Medical Insurance.

"Pure Michigan", the tourist theme for the state, refers to the many lakes, golf courses, and the variety of fun and relaxing  places to visit that are truly unique to Michigan.

  Michigan is called  "Water Wonderland" and for good reason. It is surrounded on three sides by the Great Lakes and has 11,037 inland lakes. Michigan attracts tourists year round with the many opportunities to enjoy nature, the lakes and the great outdoors. Check out the affordable family attractions.
Michigan's population is 9,883,640. There are approximately 1,274,000 Michigan residents without health insurance. Approximately 1,790,000 are on Medicaid support. See U.S. Census 2011. 

MI Child - Low Cost Michigan Health Insurance for Uninsured Children

Choosing Affordable Michigan Health Insurance- Things to Know.

How to Choose the Right Health Care Plan

Freedom is Our Choice. Socialism Leaves No Choice.

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Important Articles on the ACA (Affordable Care Act)

--Your Rights under Michigan Insurance Law
--Where to find more information on Health Insurance in Michigan
--How to find Insurance company complaint ratios
--Health Insurance Company complaint ratios
--Important questions to ask when buying Health Insurance
--State of Michigan Insurance Company Complaint Information

--National Insurance Company Complaint Information from NAIC
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Your Rights under Michigan Health Insurance Law

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BCBSM has the onluy guarantee issue Michigan health insurance or Michigan Medical Insurance policies for individuals. They provide a variety of plans which may or may not cover doctor visits or prescriptions. BCBSM can impose a six month waiting period for pre-existing conditions. Pregnancy is considered a pre-existing condition but will be covered after the six month period. There is one large shortcoming with the BCBSM policies regarding children. Children cannot be covered individually, they must have an adult on the policy with them. This creates a problem because the individual BCBSM policies have limited coverage for doctor visits and prescriptions.

Under Michigan law, individual health insurance policies are limited to one year exclusion riders on pre-existing conditions. Because of this, most Affordable Michigan Health Insurance Companies reject applicants who have serious pre-existing medical conditions that may be acceptable in other states who allow a longer exclusion rider period. If a medical condition is accepted with a one year rider the preexisting condition must be covered after the one year period by all Michigan Health Insurance companies who provide individual health insurance.

Newborn children and legally adopted children must be covered for the first 31 days under either the father's or mother's insurance policy as per federal law. Because of this, Michigan Health Insurance companies offering individual health insurance policies will not cover an expectant parent even though they may not be married or the company does not cover maternity.

Your Health Insurance policy cannot be cancelled because you get sick. Michigan Health Insurance companies must renew your policy as long as the premium payments are paid up-to-date and the questions on the original application were answered truthfully.

Michigan HMOs are required to offer their policies during a one month open enrollment period of their choosing regardless of preexisting medical conditions. They are not required to offer prescriptions with their healthcare plans.

Group Medical insurance in Michigan must accept all pre-existing medical conditions with the following provisions. A Michigan Health Insurance Company can impose an 18 month waiting period for pre-existing medical conditions if the employee was not previously covered under another plan within the previous 63 day period. Under the new Michigan small group reform act, Michigan Health Insurance companies must adjust the rates for groups of two-to-fifty employees annually within a pre-determined range to spread out the risk among all insurance companies. As per the Federal HIPAA act of 1996, groups of 20 or more employees must provide Michigan health insurance through the COBRA program to separated employees or dependents of employees if divorce or death occurs. You cannot be charged more than 2% higher than the actual premium for the COBRA coverage. No pre-existing exclusion period can be applied by a Michigan health insurance provider without appropriate written notice. Physicians and other providers generally bill insurance companies through medical billing companies such as Physician Linx so the patient doesn't have to take care of it.

Low-income families, particularly those at-or-below the poverty level, can purchase insurance for their children from Michigan's MIChild program for $10 a month (rates as of November 2010). Low-income expectant single mothers can qualify for maternity coverage under the MIChild program. Similar families in need of family planning services may also receive those services under MIChild's Plan First! program. MIChild can be reached by calling 1-888-988-6300.

BCBSM also provides a guarantee issue Medigap insurance policy (Medicare Supplement Insurance) for anyone who is on Medicare Part "A" and Part "B".

(Copyright 2008 All Rights Reserved)

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Where to find more information on Michigan Healthcare and Health Insurance

If you would like more information on healthcare you can go to the U.S Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality at http://www.ahcpr.gov/consumer/

For a complete review of  guidelines for Michigan Individual Health Insurance, Michigan Group Health Insurance, COBRA guidelines and more, go to the Georgetown University publication for Michigan. The publication is titled "A Consumers Guide to Getting and Keeping Health Insurance in Michigan" and can be seen at http://healthinsuranceinfo.net/getinsured/michigan/

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The goal of Allchoice Insurance is to provide the lowest cost Health and Medical Insurance plans with the highest quality Insurance Companies.

As a Michigan Health Insurance Agency we license with many of the Insurance Companies in Michigan and most U.S. States. This includes Blue Cross Blue Shield and many more. We strive to provide the most affordable low cost health insurance or medical insurance care plans for small business, self employed, families, individuals and groups. Your needs and budget are a primary concern in choosing a quality program. More importantly, you want a company that will be easy to work with when you have a claim. Your Health Insurance Consultant is dedicated to your business and will always be available to assist you. For Michigan, Indiana and Ohio Health Insurance plans and HSA's (Health Savings Accounts) we make your search for affordable low cost quality health insurance easy. Your savings and peace of mind is Priceless.

All Choice Insurance represents all the quality companies who have health care plans for MICHIGAN HEALTH INSURANCE.  We want our representatives to provide the most affordable health or medical insurance plans including HSA's (Health Savings Accounts) for individuals, families and small businesses in Michigan.

There are many choices for Affordable Health Insurance and Medical Insurance. Whether you are looking for Individual Health Insurance, Family Health Insurance, or Self Employed Health Insurance, there is a Low Cost Health plan or Medical Plan to fit your needs. Health Care Plans are available in Traditional, PPO, POS, HMO, HSA's (Health Savings Accounts) or Catastrophic health insurance.

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